Thursday, December 3, 2009

Excerpts from Sermon on Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a decision not an emotion or feeling.
Forgiveness is not earned.
Forgiveness does not excuse or ignore the offence
Forgiveness is grace and mercy.
Forgiveness is not conditional.
Forgiveness is not forgetting but rather facing the past.
Forgiveness is not probationary.
Forgiveness is permanent.
Forgiveness says “I won’t bring this up again in a manner that seeks to hurt you”.
Forgiveness says “I will not rehearse the offence in my mind”
Forgiveness says “I will choose to focus on the future not on the past”.
Forgiveness seeks to restore.
Forgiveness initiates reconciliation but does not guarantee it.

Colossians 3:15 Let the peace that comes from Christ rule.


Queen Mel said...

didn't we have this conversation before? deja vu? so which one of us was right? I can't remember......I think we both were?

lesly said...

yes I think we did have this conversation before. It a topic that just doesn't get old. It has been always been something that I struggle with because I can hold on to a grudge for way too long. I read something on another blog that said that holding a grudge is like taking poison in hopes of killing the person that wronged you. So true.