Friday, November 16, 2007

3rd Installment of the 100 list.

Thank you all so much for all your advise on the last post – we went to see a speech therapist and she thinks that miss A will benefit from seeing someone on a regular basis. We are on the list but I am starting with a private therapist as well. I’m glad that we are being proactive and staring this before her 3 and ½ year testing. So here is the 3rd installment of the 100 list. I hope you enjoy!

1. I like to drive fast (when I am by myself!)
2. I love driving a standard - makes me feel like a race car driver : )
3. My dad taught me to drive a standard – a very unpleasant experience!
4. When I was in high school we used to take a friend’s old sunfire (nickname – the sunchicken) on old back roads and see if we could get stuck. Usually we succeeded in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes it took us hours to get unstuck – good times : )
5. My first boyfriend’s name was FJ Ferran – I can still remember our first kiss – walking back from skating on the pond near my grandparents.
6. He ran away from home just after we started officially dating – he had a really terrible family life. He didn’t tell me he was going to run away. The police came to school with his sister and asked me if I knew where he was. When I didn’t, they and asked me to give them for the only picture that I had of him.
7. I didn’t date again until I reached University.
8. My second boyfriend didn’t tell me that he was dating someone else until I received a very nasty letter from her. He lived with her brother. He had been trying to break up with her for a while but she just wasn’t getting it. She got it when I entered the picture. He also had a really bad family life (I’m seeing a pattern here). We broke up when he decided to go to Kingston to the military college.
9. We kept in touch for a long time but I lost track of him about 5 years ago. I keep hoping that he will show up on Facebook.
10. I love chocolate
11. I used to be a Coca-Cola addict – drank at least 2 cans a day. When I got pregnant I cut back to one can a week. I still try to limit the amount I have but I still love it.
12. I ‘m not really a fan of chips or salty things but I’ll eat them if I have coke to go with
13. I’m not a big fan of cheesy foods – cheeseburgers, pizza with cheese, casseroles covered in cheese.
14. I hate mashed potatoes – I was forced to eat them as a kid and can’t stand to eat them now. I am able to eat them if I have lots of gravy or Epicure spices in them.
15. I like to cook but get really frustrated when I spend an hour making supper and the kids won’t eat it and the husband eats so fast that he doesn’t even taste it. Seriously – he can have his plate clean in about 3 minutes.
16. I wish I had a bigger kitchen
17 I hate cleaning up after a big meal.
18 I love potluck dinners – so many choices!!
19 I love having friends over for dinner
20 I hate it when people say they like your food then later tell everyone else that it was terrible (true story – he is so off my guest list!) If you don’t like it then don’t eat it : )
21. The night before having friends over is a mad dash to clean up. I wish I could keep more on top of the mess so inviting friends over would be easier
22 I would like to hire a cleaning person but my husband thinks it is a waste of money.
23. I am trying to take control of the clutter in my house but it is a long exhausting process
24. I hope I can get control of my clutter before the kids learn too many bad habits.
25. When I was growing up our house was always a mess – I never invited friends over. I don’t want my kids having the same problem.