Friday, December 14, 2007


I was driving home last night thinking about our group and all that has gone on in the past few days and I got to thinking that everybody brings something different to our group – everyone has their own qualities that make this group so dynamic. So I thought I would list one good quality of everyone in the group as I see them. Now keep in mind just because I give some one else a quality doesn’t mean you don’t have it too – it just means it wasn’t the first one that popped into my head. Please feel free to make your own list of positives for everyone or add on to this one.

Queen of the Tay – outgoing and friendly - the first to chat me up ask me about myself and invite me to a “group” function. You welcomed me in before you even really knew me and I really appreciated that
Princess – quick wit, smart as a fox and funny as hell. You says the stuff that I wish I had thought of and might of if you had given me, oh, say half an hour.
Sunny – I think we had a very similar upbringing which gives us a connection. I feel we can relate to each other and I am looking forward to learning more about you.
JennyPooh- super easy to talk to – I feel like I have know you all my life. I feel like I could go to your house kick back and talk for hours and never run out of things to say.
Buttercup – bubbly and full of life. Always quick to laugh and fun to be around.
GypsyBug- wild and crazy gal – up for anything and ready for new challenges. Probably isn’t much that you haven’t tried ; )
MarthaSue – crazy funny stories and great storyteller. I usually laugh so hard I pee my pants a little every time you tell a story or do a skit
KimMartha – a gal that has it all together and a killer smile to boot. You just make me want to be a better person
Krista – great listener. We haven’t talked much but every time we have talked you are so attentive and make me feel like you are interested in what I have to say – that is a great feeling
Nola – very level headed and practical. You seem to know what you want and have a plan how to get it.
HoPo – beyond talented and artistic. And you have a unique way of looking at every problem. You make me step back and look at things differently. I think you use the opposite side of the brain than I do. It is always good to have more than one perspective on any given problem or challenge.
Dee – a very warm smile. I don’t know you very well but every time we talk I think -I really want to get to know this person better
Not about Me – I always feel like you “get” me. Whenever we talk I am thinking OMG that’s exactly how I feel. I never feel self conscious or feel like I have said something stupid even though I know I have.
Pretty Kitty - very caring and thoughful. you can tell that you love doing things for others and you put so much thought and time into everything you do. You also ground us as a group - you organize events and make getting together so easy. Thank you.

So I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone and that I made at least a few people smile. I find I learn something from each person that I meet and become friends with and I thank you for all that you have taught me. I think that each new friend you meet makes you a better person and a better friend. I also think that you are attracted to different people at different times. If you are looking for someone to just listen you might call one person but if you need someone to kick you in the butt and give you a pep talk then you might call someone else. So that’s what is so great about this group – everyone is so different! Have a great day everyone and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone next Saturday. So thank you all again and Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pushing Buttons

My kids will fight about anything. We were running some errands a few nights ago and hubby and I were in the front seat talking about where we had to go. After mentioning several stores I hear from the 5 year old in the back seat - I don’t want to go to Zellers!! I don’t want to go to Zellers! I don’t want to go to ZELLERS! Alright then. Mental note – the kid doesn’t like Zellers. Anyway he is throwing a fit and my two year old looks over at him and very calmly says “ My LOVE Zellers!” (She calls herself “my”) I don’t think she even knows what Zellers is! She just wanted to tick him off! She’s 2. Lord help me.