Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A quick about face

There are four TVs at the gym and since the gym is run by males the choices of programming in the morning is usually 2 sports channels, a news channel and, because over half of the people working out are women, some sort of token talk show or drama or reality show. This is usually the one that I choose. I watched 40 minutes of a show this morning only to have a male trainer come out and change it to sportsnet! I was so angry! I jumped off the treadmill ready with a few choice words for the muscle head when I realized that I would have to admit out loud that I was upset about missing the last 10 minutes of Felicity.


Hollee said...

Felicity?! ROTFL - Dood! I don't even have cable and I can tell you what happenned! ;) Which episode was it?? ;)

Queen Mel said... that is funny